1508036_origThe Town of Walnut Cove was officially chartered on February 25, 1889, but was a settlement long before it officially became a Town. Mr. and Mrs. William Lash of the Moravian Settlement at Bethania bought land around 1830 along the Town Fork Creek, and as it was passed down to their children, it developed into a large plantation which was named Walnut Cove, supposedly from the sheltered coves of the meandering Town Fork Creek and the walnut trees that grew abundantly in the area.

Later, a general store was built, and the area was commonly known as Lash's Store. A windmill was erected to pump water for the plantation (hence, Windmill Street). Along Main Street, the Lash family built an office, a general store, a grist mill, a livery stable, a blacksmith shop, and (reportedly) a bar. The family built four homes along what is now known as Summit Street. One of these homes still remains today.

The Town was a railroad center in its former years, and today, remnants of the old Train Depot still stand on Depot Street.

These remnants of yesteryear, along with many other historic homes and buildings that line Walnut Cove's Main Street are a draw to a scenic small town, rich with history, and accentuated by a number of small businesses and restaurants that attract tourists and locals alike. We invite you visit Walnut Cove, and enjoy visiting the Town's historic neighborhoods and enjoy a day of shopping with our Town's merchants.

For more information visit our Town Hall at 208 West 3rd Street, or call the Town Hall for more information. At Town Hall, you can pick up town maps, ask questions, or even pick up a copy of the Town's history book "Echoes of Walnut Cove", published on the occasion of the Town's centennial celebration in 1989.

We look forward to your visit!