The Town of Walnut Cove Board of Commissioners is comprised of a mayor and four commissioners.  The Mayor serves for a four-year term, commissioners serving for a four-year term. Municipal elections are held every two years on odd numbered years. 

Nellie Brown
Mayor Nellie Brown is a lifelong resident of Walnut Cove. 
Mayor Brown's term expires: December 2025

Elwood Mabe 
Commissioner Elwood Mabe is also a lifelong resident
of Walnut Cove.
Commissioner Mabe's term expires: December 2025.

Johnnie Hairston
Johnnie Hairston is one of our newly elected Commissioners and a lifelong resident of 
Walnut Cove.  
Commissioner Hairston's term expires: December 2027.
Thomas E. Mitchell(Mayor Pro Tem)
Thomas Mitchell is a native of Walnut Cove.
Commissioner Mitchell's term expires: December 2025

Chad Jarvis
Commissioner Jarvis is a lifelong resident of Walnut Cove for many years.  
Commissioner Jarvis term expires: December 2027