The Town of Walnut Cove Planning and Zoning Board meets the third Thursday each month at the
Walnut Cove Public Library at 6:30 pm.  

All zoning applications must be approved by the Planning and Zoning Board. 

 Listed below are links to the Town of Walnut Cove Zoning Ordinances, along with a permitted use table as well as a Zoning map of the Town.  For more information regarding Zoning approval please call 336-591-4809.

Planning and Zoning Board 
Greg Laroche ETJ
- Chairman
Term Expires: January 2024
Christine Boles 
Term Expires: April 2026
Ramona Timm
Term Expires: April 2024
Lisa Hairston-ETJ 
Term Expires: January 2024
Wesley Durrell
Term Expires: April 2025

In- town alternate Elmer Davis
**In- town alternate VACANT
**ETJ alternate VACANT
Definition of ETJ: Extra Territorial Jurisdiction 

Chapter 156 - Zoning

Privilege License Tax  - updated 2017