The Town of Walnut Cove provides water and sewer services to all citizens of Walnut Cove.  Water and Sewer Bills are mailed out every other month beginning in February.  All water and sewer bills are due by the 19th of the proceeding month.  If your payment is made on the 20th your bill is considered late, and will have a late penalty applied to your bill.  You now have the option to pay your bill online, click the following link, you will need your account number found on your bill. 

The Town accepts the following forms of payment for water and sewer bills: cash, check, and all major credit cards.
You also have the option to pay your bill by phone. 

For Water and Sewer Emergencies
Monday through Friday 8am-5pm
contact Town Hall at 336-591-4809.

For Water and Sewer Emergencies After Hours,
Weekends and Holidays
contact Stokes County Emergency Communications at 336-593-8130.

Town of Walnut Cove Collection System :

The Town of Walnut Cove shall operate its sewer collection system in an effective, well managed and maintained manner at all times.  Our efforts will be to stop any and all SSO's from reaching any land, surface waters or any contamination of any ground waters.  Our efforts shall include but not be limited to operating at full staff of qualified employees including collection system (ORC) and at least one backup (ORC) working closely with members of the state DWQ.  We will have on hand all needed equipment to ensure the collection system is operated at the highest level possible.  In the event that the collection system fails to perform satisfactorily, the Town of Walnut Cove shall take immediate actions necessary to stop any and all SSO's and return the collection system to normal operating conditions as directed by collection system permit.

Mark Bowman ORC


  • Our Water and Sewer Department staff:
    Mark Bowman, Public Works Director
    Brooks Blalock
    William Shirley
    Austin Willard

Water and Sewer Important Information
We need your help..... In Eliminating Fats, Oils and Grease in the Walnut Cove Sewer System!!!!

Please see the attached FOG Program file.

Fat, Oil and Grease Program

Water Quality Reports

In 1994, town officials were considering building a conventional wastewater treatment plant that would use both mechanical and biological processes to clean wastewater. As the original cost estimate of $2 million kept rising, Wayne Smart-- then a member of the Walnut Cove Board of Commissioners-- proposed a wastewater wetlands as an inexpensive alternative to a conventional sewage plant. Although many town officials, consulting engineers, and residents were skeptical, the wastewater wetlands system was eventually built, and began operating in 1996. The system, which cost less than $1 million to build, is less expensive to run than a conventional wastewater treatment plant because it does not have to be overseen 24 hours a day, since nature and gravity do most of the work, said plant operator Mark Bowman.


Below is an article that was reported by the Winston-Salem Journal on September 7, 2005 regarding the wetlands wastewater treatment plant

Request for Quote




ISSUE:  4/11/2022

DUE:  4/29/2022



The Town of Walnut Cove has been awarded grant funding from the NCDEQ, Asset Inventory and Assessment Grant (AIA) for Water Mapping System.  The town invites submittal of responses to this Request for Qualification (RFQ) from firms qualified in the State of North Carolina to perform engineering services. 


The Town of Walnut Cove operates a water distribution - system along with 6 municipal wells and supplemented water supply from Stokes Water Authority.  There are approximately 6 miles of water lines in Walnut Cove.

The Town has been awarded this grant in March 2022.


  1. Develop a GIS mapping system of all assets of the Distribution System for Walnut Cove.
  2. Determine, if possible, the size and material of water pipes in Walnut Cove.
  3. Locate critical parts of the water system, i.e. cut-offs, gate valves, and fire hydrants.
  4. Assess the condition of the water system as it may be used to develop an Asset Management Plan and Capital Improvement Plan
  5. Create a final report of findings for Board of Commissioner review and present findings and recommendations to the Board.


  1. Name of firm.
  2. Location of firm’s office and address, email and telephone number of office out of which work will be performed.
  3. Brief history of firm.
  4. List of key personnel to be directly involved in the project with a short bio. Also include a brief description of their responsibilities and relevant project experience.
  5. List of 3 recent AIA projects with contact information for local officials involved with the projects.
  6. Projected availability for personnel needed for this effort over the coming 18- month period.
  7. A proposed work plan/schedule for activities to be performed.
  8. Hourly rate schedule for personnel to be utilized on the project. In accordance with NCGS 143-64.31, Do not include Lump sum or not to exceed pricing for services.



Qualifications received by the deadline and prepared in general accordance with the RFQ instructions will be reviewed using a qualifications-based selection process.  Evaluation of firms will utilize the following criteria and points system, with a maximum total of 100 points.

  • Qualifications, competence, and reputation of firm and personnel 40 pts
  • Related experience on similar, recent projects           40 pts
  • Ability to meet time/schedule requirements           10 pts
  • Demonstrated familiarity with locality and NCDEQ grant process 10 pt


Responses must be printed double-sided and are limited to a total of 20 pages, excluding cover, cover letter, and table of contents, which may or may not be provided at the discretion of the respondent.  A sheet which has content on both sides shall be considered 2 pages.  Respondents are requested not to include other generalized marketing information as part of the submittal documents.

Three (3) copies of the Statement of Qualifications should be submitted no later than 5:00 PM, Friday, April 29, 2022.  The copies shall be in a sealed envelope marked “Statement of Qualifications for Water Mapping Project”. 

Proposals can be mailed/ hand delivered to:

          Town of Walnut Cove

          PO BOX 130 (USPS)

          208 W. Third St.

          Walnut Cove NC  27052

Attn:  KG Greenwood

Any questions can be addressed to:  KG Greenwood, Town Manager at or telephone 336-591-4809. 


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